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Belgrade, October 1-5
beyond fragments

TRANSEUROPA is a festival of arts, culture and politics.

This year’s festival takes place throughout Europe: in multiple cities in September and in Belgrade October 1-5

The festival is transnational in its fabric, concept and content. Its main objective is to create a temporary space for people from throughout Europe to exchange, co-create and find common ground for future actions to call for democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state.

The programme is conceived of with various professionals, activists and artists throughout Europe in order to tackle the most burning issues facing the continent from a transnational point of view: war on the European continent, the rise of nationalism and xenophobia, the danger of the unravelling of the European Union (Brexit and Grexit), the continuation of self-defeating economic policies and mass unemployment, the persistence of corruption, the hecatomb in the Mediterranean, increased attacks on human rights and the questioning of freedom of movement for European citizens and migrants alike.

These tendencies push us away from the core political principles of justice, unity and solidarity. But there are also positive, albeit fragmented signs.

#TEF15 will give a strong push in this direction and go beyond fragments.

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about the organisers

Contributors and Speakers

11 reasons to participate

  1. Given the times, it is ever more important to press the restart button; your ideas to build Europe are what is needed now.
  2. There is a shortage of spaces to bridge practices, discourses and platforms. #TEF15 provides one such space.
  3. 50 diverse events to go to in five days, with speakers from all corners of Europe.
  4. You can learn from the successes and failures of hundreds of others, and help others learn from your successes and failures.
  5. You will get to taste the best Burek and Slivovitz in the world.
  6. Even without coming to Belgrade – from wherever you are – you can share engaging, reflective and creative moments.
  7. You can help define what “we” means in the context of individuals and movements fighting for European alternatives.
  8. For years you have been advocating the importance of the link between artistic imagination and political change. At #TEF15, this link is a foregone conclusion.
  9. Too many have been hit too hard, #TEF15 is the place to regroup, rethink and reclaim the European space.
  10. Because you have sat through enough conventional conference panels and want to attend something more engaging.
  11. Europe belongs to us. And it needs us as much as we need it.

5 ways to take part

  1. Sharing: play the transnational game

  2. Reading: attend or organise one of the “why artivism?” reading performances

  3. Moving: join the movement and hitchhike to Belgrade

  4. Collecting: Bring your work. Bring stories. Bring questions.

  5. Recounting: write, comment, tell. Let ideas that were sparked and encounters that were made be part of the commons.

Why Artivism?

Transnational reading marathon

26 September 2015 – throughout Europe

Why Artivism is a transnational and public reading of ‘The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt, in support of Tania Bruguera* and freedom of artistic expression around the world.

It is a marathon reading of one book: from 6 to 12 hours of sessions during which extracts of the book will be read, discussed, commented on and reacted to by artists, performers, intellectuals and/or activists. It will be held simultaneously on September 26 in Berlin (venue tbc), Lisboas’ Ulysses, Londons’ Rivington place, Paris’ Plateau/FRAC Île de France and Romes’ MAXXI, and in Belgrade CZKD on October 3.

The event will reflect the potentialities of Artivism today and reflect on the current political situation in Europe, including issues such as surveillance, individual and collective freedoms and nationalism.

*EA’s advisory board member Tania Bruguera has been arrested and deprived of her passport in Cuba for a number of months. After having been unable to leave with the assurance that she will be allowed to reenter the country, Tania Bruguera left Cuba after 8 months of detention. In her home in Havana, on May 20, the anniversary of the Republic of Cuba, Bruguera staged an 100-hour, uninterrupted reading of The Origins of Totalitarism, to launch the Hannah Arendt International Institute of Artivism.

The Green Screen Diaries

A transnational storytelling game

A mysterious box, wrapped in green cloth. Inside, an exploration kit that unfolds, step by step leading you and your friends on a journey through the city

Collaboratively write, perform and record a diary entry from the future using public spaces, chalk, your voice, your smartphone and a green screen integrating fragments from other futures, creating new fragments for other futures.

At the end, close the box and pass on your journey – just one link in a vast network of european imaginations. Which future will manifest itself?

This call for participation opens in August.
Watch this space, or follow us on facebook or twitter to be kept informed!

The call for contributions is now closed

Introducing the selection process

We have received 370 proposals. Exciting! Thanks for your participation! The selection process has now begun. Here are some answers to questions you may have regarding the process.


This sounds great! How can I participate?

There are several ways to participate. Events will take place throughout Europe in September: perhaps one of them is already taking place – or could take place – in your city. Your interest may be the starting point!

The transnational & participative game « green screen diaries » requires just a smartphone and a few people, but allows you to collaborate with participants from across Europe. Then, there is the transnational reading performance « why artivism ? »: also a very adaptable format.  More information about participation in the game and the performance will be published on this website in August.

And then of course, you could decide to join us in Belgrade – in this case, read on!

I want to join the events in Belgrade, what should I do?

That’s brilliant, welcome to Belgrade! There are no entrance fees to any festival events. On the other hand, participants should fund and organise their own travel and accommodation. If time is on your side: join our transnational hitchhiking challenge to Belgrade! Otherwise, you may consider applying for a travel grant at an external institution for financial support. We suggest that you check out this particular grant – but there may be other options available to you, depending on your country of residency and on your professional status.

Round-flights to Belgrade typically cost between 200 and 300 euros when booked reasonably early. Many central hotels offer accommodation with prices starting from 20 euros per person and night.

More information on the registration procedure will be released in the coming weeks.

May I offer a contribution to the event?

The call for participation is now closed. However, the programme in Belgrade will allow for short inputs from participants. More to come on this soon!

Where in Belgrade will events take place?

You can find a map of Beograd just below!

Thumbs up!

Let’s become a movement for movement. Join us in a transnational hitchhiking experience to Belgrade!

For most people, movement and migration are limited or even criminalised. For others, travelling and living abroad is encouraged and turned into a status symbol, a consumer good. Movement: Crime? Luxury? A privilege painfully denied to many? A right exercised by some? Can we move past that?

Let’s use the run-up to #TEF15 to reflect on movement and what it can be: crossing borders – visible and invisible -, meeting different people, engaging in transcultural relationships, building new friendships and redrawing solidarity networks.

What’s your story? We will collect those stories and display them before and during the festival, to spark a discussion on the meaning of movement in Europe and beyond.

How it works? Find more info here.

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CZKD: 44.802231, 20.463296
Grad: 44.814329, 20.450268
Magacin u Kraljevića Marka: 44.813780, 20.454076
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Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju
Center for Cultural Decontamination


21 Birčaninova, Beograd
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Evropski centar za kuturu i debatu
European Center for Culture and Debate

4 Braće Krsmanović, Belgrade
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Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
Kraljevića Marka, Beograd